Welcome to INSIGHT NATURAL ARTS. We believe that health is multidimensional and all aspects of your well being must be addressed if healing is to take place and you are to reach optimum health, peak performance, and develop your warrior spirit.These three aspects are already inside us. At Insight, we offer a wide variety of methods to reach our goals and and unlock our true potential. Using natural healing modalities, and traditional and modern training methods, we work with individuals to establish not just a baseline of not being sick or out of shape, but to reach a higher level in all aspects of life.

Meet The Team.

Dr. Sean T. Bradley

Dr. Sean T. Bradley



Dr. Sean Bradley is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner. He specializes in Sports Medicine and Peak Performance.  He is a master instructor in the martial art of Hapkido and travels the world studying, teaching, and training. He has nearly 20 yrs. in the healthcare field and 25 yrs. in martial arts.

Dr. Yipei Lin



Dr. Yipei Lin a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner in Washington State.  She is an expert in facial rejuvenation and women’s health. She is also a black belt in Hapkido and in instructor in Qigong.

Jeff Hazen




Jeff is a black belt instructor who has been practicing Sinmoo Hapkido for over 15 yrs. He also has more than 24 yrs. total of martial art experience.

Mario R. Saucedo




Mario is a program director for the Samil Sinmoo Hapkido Kids and Tiger programs.  He holds a 2nd Degree black belt in Hapkido and is also an instructor in Escrima.

Chris Shirley



Chris is an expert in tea and zisha teaware, specializing in puerh and other aged teas. He has studied tea all across Asia, from tea fields in Nepal to teapot factories in Yixing. Chris is a 2nd Degree black belt in Hapkido as well as Taekwondo, and has trained across the globe.

Alex "Cyruss" Radi


Cyruss specializes in Japanese green teas, particularly sencha. Over the past ten years he has spent a considerable amount of time in China and Japan studying tea practices. Cyruss travels to Japan regularly to meet with Japanese teapot artisans and tea producers.