Martial Arts


Sinmoo Hapkido is a Korean martial art founded by Ji Han Jae Dojunim that teaches practical self-defense, strength & balance, and personal growth. Using striking, kicking, locks, throws, and a variety of weapons, Sinmoo Hapkido is a complete system that can be adapted and used by everyone.With a strong emphasis on non-physical techniques such as meditation and Ki development (Qigong), Sinmoo Hapkido not only provides practical physical training, but also gives tools to benefit the practitioner in all aspects of their lives.

Class Schedule & Age Groups

Adult (17+)

Teen (13-17) Classes


• Monday 7-8:30pm
• Wednesday 7-8:30pm
• Friday 7-8pm

Kids (6-13) Classes


• Monday 4:30-5:15pm
• Monday 5:15-6pm
• Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm
• Wednesday 5:15-6pm
• Friday 5:15-6pm

Tots (31/2-6) Classes


• Monday 4-4:30pm
• Wednesday 4-4:30pm

Hapkido Classes

Classes are currently quite informal and outdoors.

Kids Hapkido Class 

Family Hapkido Class

Adult Hapkido Classes

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Adult & Teen Martial Arts

     Monday and Wednesday evenings

     Saturday mornings

Our Sinmoo Hapkido classes are for all abilities.  Whether or not you have previous martial arts training, are physically fit, or are just curious to try something new, there is always something here for you.  The physical training in Sinmoo Hapkido is a practical form of self-defense that teaches body mechanics, efficient movement, kicking, strikes, joint locks, throws and various weapons. Though it's self-defense is practical and effective, the most important aspect of the physical training in Sinmoo Hapkido is to help you get into their body and help you connect your mind, body, and spirit.

Kids Martial Arts

   Wednesday afternoons

   Saturday mornings

Tots (Tigers) and Family Classes

Saturday mornings

Our Sinmoo Hapkido kids classes are for children age 6 to 14.  The children not only learn basic self-defense, anti-bullying principles, stranger danger, and other practical tools, but also makes sure the children have fun while improving their strength, fitness, balance, coordination, and focus.

It is never to early to start children in their martial arts training and addressing their health, and we feel that martial arts is a great way to get children active and in touch with their own physical and mental abilities. Classes are designed to teach a basic foundation, create good habits for home and school, and most importantly have fun!