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Shaunise Sowders LMT

Shaunise is a dedicated massage therapist, graduating from Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics in 2010. With over 10 years of experience she combines various modalities, including myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and aromatherapy, to create customized treatments that target both physical and emotional well-being.


Shaunise is fascinated by the complexities of the physical, mental, & spirit bodies and their interconnectedness. Her bodywork style is a confident yet soothing touch which deeply honors the biopsychosocial/mind-body-spirit approach to wellness. She sees massage as a tool for people to (re)connect to their body and self positively and healthily, which can initiate the natural self-healing response and reduce chronic and acute stress and pain.


“Never put off your massage until tomorrow if you can get it today.” – Thomas Jefferson


  • Sports Massage

  • Deep Tissue Relaxation

  • Myofascial Release

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Pregnancy Massage


  • Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics, 2010


Happy to help if you have any questions, concerns, or would just like to  connect.


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