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Fertility and Pregnancy

Embrace your journey to parenthood with Fertility and Pregnancy care at INSIGHT.

Our compassionate team offers personalized support and guidance to couples navigating the challenges of conception and pregnancy. From optimizing fertility through natural approaches to providing holistic prenatal care, we are committed to helping you achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy. Trust INSIGHT to support you every step of the way as you embark on this precious chapter of your life.



We offer fertility support and treatment for both men and women to assist their journey to parenthood. Acupuncture, supplementation, bodywork, and more, are offered at INSIGHT to assist parents in preparing themselves to build their family. We have helped numerous families struggling with fertility and continue to help parents bring children into this world.



Pregnancy can be a difficult process for many women and their partners. Whether it is complications, stress, or just wanting to to be spoiled, we offer a number of treatments to help pregnant mothers through the nine months of pregnancy. Let us help support you through the challenges as they arise and help make your pregnancy a smooth and enjoyable experience.


One unique treatment program offered at INSIGHT is Zuoyuezi 坐月子 support for postpartum care. In many parts of Asia, the first month after giving birth is extremely important for a mother’s healing and recovery. Our physicians will tailor daily Chinese herbal medicine support for the entire month (or more if needed) with each day focusing on important steps to improve a mother’s recovery as she cares for her newborn. Improving sleep, tissue repair, pain, milk production, and even stress, are all aspects that are addressed to improve a mother’s health and recovery after the birth of her child.

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