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The term “meditation” means different things to different people.  At Insight Natural Arts we look at meditation traditions and practices from around the world to better understand how meditation can be practiced and studied effectively by everyone.  We explore these traditions and share practical exercises and principles that can be understood and applied by anyone.

Introduction to Meditation | Ep.1: Concentration

Dr. Sean T. Bradley shares his expert knowledge of meditation focusing on the topic of concentration.

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Meditation for Kids | Ep.1: Concentration

Dr. Sean T. Bradley continues to share his expert knowledge of meditation but this time for Kids! This video focuses on how concentration can be applied and useful for kids. 

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Past Online Event

Sinmoo Hapkido Meditation

Intensive Seminar

Dr. Bradley will dive deep into the meditation practices of Sinmoo Hapkido. Covering the foundational practices and the underlying philosophy and concepts he will explain and unravel many of the important meditation practices taught by Sinmoo Hapkido founder, Dojunim Ji, Han-jae. With more than 20 years of close personal study under Dojunim, practical experience as a physician in East Asian medicine, and years of comparative study in meditation practices worldwide, Dr. Bradley will provide participants with a practical and comprehensive experience in Sinmoo Hapkido meditation. 


This is an online event, but space is limited. Discounts are available. Members click here for discounted rate. 

Please put an active email address so that we can give you the correct link for the course on the day of the event. Click button below to register today! 

Cost: $225

Interested to participate in a future Meditation Seminar or questions about this past event?

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