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The following videos are exclusive only to Insight Natural Arts student members and are not intended for public use. ‚ÄčThe martial arts principles discussed in these videos are for illustrative purposes and not intended to serve as instruction. The creator of these videos will not assume any liability for the miss use or untutored attempt to apply these techniques in practice or in self protection application. The techniques are dangerous and they are intended for the use of current Sinmoo Hapkido practitioners under the supervision of a competent instructor.


Samil Curriculum | 4. Kicks | Six Basic Kicks

Techniques | Kick #1 | Front Snap Kick

Front chamber and striking upward. Three levels that have different foot positions (low = instep, middle = ball, and high = heel). Basic technique is a mid-section kick with the ball of the foot.

Techniques | Kick #2 | Axe Kick

Inside chamber and pulling down. Foot pointed, but toes curled back to strike with the pad of the heel.

Techniques | Kick #3 | Push Kick

Front chamber and driving with a thrust straight forward with the heel.

Techniques | Kick #4 | Roundhouse

45 degree angle step. Knee chambers for height of kick. Low, middle, and high strikes all use the instep or lower shin.

Techniques | Kick #5 | Hook Kick

Small opening step. Pivoting hook with knee coming across the body and then pulling back. Foot pointed, but toes curled back to strike with the pad of the heel.

Techniques | Kick #6 | Side Kick

Small opening step. Pivot body and chamber the knee to the chest.  Can strike high, middle, or low.  Basic technique is a mid-section kick to the ribs.

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